A33 Precision Pneumatic Ang-Fixed Power Vice; VMC-SERIES
Precision Pneumatic Ang-Fixed Power Vice
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ORDER NO. A a D F C open Gripping Force (kgf) N.W./G.W. CODE NO.
VMC-5P 520 140 130 160 0-150 6000 38/40.8 4005-070
VMC-6P 540 140 160 163 0-160 6000 48/50 4005-071
VMC-6PL 630 140 160 163 0-250 6000 51/56.6 4005-072
VMC-7P 600 140 180 173 0-200 9000 65/66.6 4005-073
VMC-8P 610 140 200 173 0-200 9000 70/76.6 4005-074
VMC-8PL 710 140 200 173 0-300 9000 79/86 4005-075


Suitable for mass production and to be used on machine centers, milling machines, drilling machines and special purpose machines.

The greatest safety distance of clamping: MOVE FAST! The switch speed is only 1.5 seconds, and the safety distance of clamping can be up to 8mm. We design the hand wheel safety line in addition for anyone to distinguish the clamping safety distance of tools from exceeding the limit easily by eyes.
Down trust “semi-spherical segment” mechanism eliminates jaw liffing and work-piece liffing.
The material of the vise itself adopts the one-step design of highductility graphitized casting iron (FCD-60), and the starting rail of the two sides experiences hardening heat treatment (HRC-45*) that can assure good performance on precision, wear-resisting, and tension-resisting.
If the source of air pressure is under low pressure exertion of 8kgf/ c㎡, it can achieve the super strong clamping capacity of 9000 kg/ c㎡. The clamping capacity from 0~9000kg/ c㎡ can be freely set and adjust via pressure regulator.
Automatically seeking the highest source of air pressure: When the pressure regulator sets the regulator sets the required pressure, it will not be out of order because the source of air pressure is low.

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